Discover how services from Heavyside Corporation can be leveraged for your unique needs


A flexible approach to leveraging EM simulation tools is essential for maximum ROI.  In some cases, owning the software is not optimal, or manipulating it directly is not efficient, and sometimes enhancing internal skills in specific areas of the tool is all that is needed.  Heavyside offers services designed to address all these situations, often times combining two or more, to achieve the best results.


Need an expert to drive the software?

Modeling Services

Our engineers can create robust, fully parameterized models for your device.  Supply models to your end customers or utilize them internally for product development.


A little help from a pro


Book some time with one of our engineers in an unstructured forum to tackle any challenge you wish.  Specific deep dive questions, work thru the specifics of setting up your simulations, discuss the best way to achieve the specific results you’re after, etc.


Learn from the best


Formalized instruction on how to leverage the software.  On-demand e-learning modules or custom developed material tailored to your specific needs.


Integration into your process


Our experts can asses your product development process and create an associated workflow with the software specific to your needs, documented and streamlined.

Below we’ve addressed some of the most common hurdles faced when adopting and exploiting simulation tools.  There is never a one-size-fits-all approach, let our experts develop a specific plan for you.

Adopting simulation tools is an investment, and the cost of ownership plays an important role in the returns from that investment.  The true cost of ownership may include developing the expertise to leverage the software effectively.  Heavyside can fast-track the process of becoming proficient with the software and deliver results in the meantime.

Feel like you need simulation tools but unsure how to begin?  The evolution of simulation tools to tackle more challenging problems also drives up the complexity of use, and adopting a new tool or technology can be challenging and time consuming, dropping productivity and introducing delays.  Heavyside can streamline this process to minimize disruption and ensure you are quickly on the path to seeing returns.

When new designs are initiated, the need for simulation typically peaks soon afterward, and if these new designs are few and far between, it can be difficult to match the supply and demand on licensing.  This can also lead to situations where skills have atrophied over time.  Heavyside can deliver the necessary services to bridge the gap between supply and demand as well as bring your expertise back up to par quickly.

Establishing a set of best practices and standard analysis procedures is a key component in extracting the most from simulation tools.  The time needed to explore the variety of approaches one could take can make this seem insurmountable.  Leverage the expertise at Heavyside to help establish the most straightforward workflow so you can focus on collecting the returns.


Heavyside enables and empowers clients to extract the maximum value from simulation in the most efficient way, thereby delivering optimal return on investment.